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Doug Clovechok
Doug Clovechok2 hours ago
Wow, what a week! Yesterday, Andrew Wilkinson (BC Liberal Leader) spoke to CBC's Power & Politics to discuss the NDP/Green agreement and the fact that we will lose $1.5 Billion Ocean Protection funding from the Federal government if the pipeline does not goes through. BC could definitely use that protection and funding as tankers from all over go through our waters every day.
Doug Clovechok
Doug Clovechok
Doug Clovechok6 hours ago
Did you know that the BC Liberals had an agreement with the Federal Government to create a $1.5 Billion Oceans Protection Plan? It was created as a response from the BC Liberal government to ensure the protection of our BC coastlines. Not just protection from heavy oil, but protection from any traffic that was in our waters.
The KM expansion is a federally approved project; the Oceans Protection Plan was to ensure that BC was protected for years to come.
An Angus Reid poll was just released on the KM pipeline; 55% of BCer's support the pipeline - 20% are on the fence. Looks like that 20% need help getting all the facts.
Doug Clovechok
Doug Clovechok added 2 new photos.7 hours ago
Attended a presentation with my colleague Joan Isaacs early this morning from the ASTTBC (Technology Professionals); their member's work touches quite a bit of our daily life. From IT, fire protection, construction, and public works/wastewater they've got us covered. Thanks for coming out ASTTBC

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